Can I access my super if I've been injured?

When can I apply for early access to my super?

  • If a temporary or permanent disability from an injury at work, or a chronic medical condition, prevents you from working.
  • If you've been receiving Centrelink benefits continuously and you're unable to return to work, unable to pay for reasonable living expenses, or to make mortgage repayments.

It's hard to make ends meet. What can I do?

An application for release of funds can be made on compassionate grounds in situations where:

  • Your bank is about to take possession and sell your home because of outstanding loan repayments.
  • A severe disability means that your car or home needs to be modified.
  • Payments need to be made for things like medical expenses, palliative care, or funeral expenses.

My injury or medical condition is life threatening and I'm worried about my family.

Early access to your super can be made:

  • When two registered medical practitioners certify that your injury or illness will likely result in death. One of the certifying medical practitioners must be a specialist in the area of the injury or illness.
  • In some cases multiple claims may be made if you belong to more than one fund.
  • In the event of an incident causing death, the death benefit component of the policy may be paid to a surviving spouse, a de facto, or same sex partner, children, or any other dependents of the deceased. Alternatively, it may be paid to the deceased's estate for distribution in accordance with their Will.

If you're suffering from a prolonged or permanent illness or injury, you may be able to apply for assistance so you receive a regular income. Contact us and we will assess your situation.