Criminal Law


The use of deceit or deliberate, dishonest conduct to cause someone to give over money or other benefits, best describes the practice of fraud. The person committing the offence engages in deliberate, planned, intentional and calculating conduct and may often be an employee engaging in fraud against an employer.

With the internet and prepaid mobile phones being used more and more to conduct business, instances of fraud have increased markedly.

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Centrelink Fraud

The use of dishonesty to obtain an allowance such as a single parent allowance if the offender lives in a defacto relationship, or an invalid pension if the offender is undertaking full-time employment, are examples of Centrelink offences which are punishable by imprisonment.

Centrelink fraud is considered very serious, particularly where blatant steps have been taken by the offender to obtain benefits under different names. The Department will often take steps to recover any money which was incorrectly paid out, in addition to commencing criminal proceedings.

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