Mediation & Counselling

Mediation & Counselling

We were one of the first Gold Coast law firms to actively embrace the mediation process. An independent lawyer - usually an experienced barrister - will act as Mediator to assist the parties in settling matters in dispute. Appointing a neutral Mediator often means the difference between settling with good results and more funds left in the matrimonial pool, and prolonged arguments through expensive Court proceedings.

In a typical matter mediation usually lasts for half a day, with the Mediator's fee normally being shared between the parties.

Sometimes mediation is a compulsory requirement, eg when Family Court proceedings have been commenced where the parties are in dispute over children or financial matters.

We can also refer our clients to expert counsellors such as qualified psychologists, who can assist with litigation neurosis (stress and anxiety), which although rare, can sometimes be felt by some people when they are involved in the litigation process. We totally understand that for some people involvement in court proceedings can be very stressful, and this is why we like to make this very helpful service available.


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