Can I still claim if I was drunk when I was injured?

Can I still claim if I was drunk when I was injured?

Some injuries occur as a result of common drunk mishaps. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there! However, if you suffer an injury while intoxicated it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are solely to blame. You may still be able to claim compensation if you’re able to prove that a third party has acted negligently.

Accidents such as slips, trips and falls, are more likely to happen when you’ve consumed alcohol or other intoxicating substances which impair your co-ordination, judgment or balance.

Regardless of that if a hazard is present such as a wet floor, poorly maintained premises, or obstacles which are hidden or unobvious, then you may be able to establish negligence against a third party.

In such a case if it is found that your level of intoxication contributed to your injury, then it’s likely there would be a reduction in the amount of compensation for your contributory negligence, or your failure to act reasonably for your own safety.

The extent of any such reduction would very much depend on the circumstances leading to the injury, and the level of intoxication at the time of the injury. In cases of injury involving alcohol, it’s imperative to have experienced lawyers on your side so that any reduction in compensation is kept to a minimum.

Phone Hunter Solicitors for an obligation-free consultation. We will assess your claim to determine whether a case for negligence can be established against a third party.

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