What Our Clients Say

Keith, Sharon and the Hunter Team had my back every step of the way. When I was hospitalised, overwhelmed or pressured, they took the load off and simplified big decisions for me. I felt as if I was contributing to the fight for my future, and was never judged on the bad days. Every person associated with my case was professional, organised and prompt in their provision of services. You definitely get what you pay for! Thank you, Hunter Solicitors Team for all of your help, and for celebrating every win along the way!

— Cathy G, Carrara

I phoned Hunter Solicitors when I left my husband after 42 years of verbal abuse and couldn't take another day of it. Keith Hunter answered the phone during his new year holiday break when legal offices are closed, and advised me what to do over the phone until his office re-opened. It wasn't an easy case to deal with, because my ex didn't agree with any of my requests. He wanted me to have nothing, while he wanted to retain everything. We went through mediation but because my ex was so hard to deal with the case went to Court. Everything was then finally settled, and ended well because of Keith's advice. He helped me emotionally and professionally, and my divorce will be final very soon. I must say that all of the staff at Hunter Solicitors were very courteous at all times. They made me feel like family as well as a very special client. In particular, Shaylee deserves a special mention for all of her hard work as Keith's assistant...well done Shaylee. Thanks again Keith and staff.

— Marleen M

I would like to thank the staff at Hunter Solicitors for all of their hard work and excellent results. They have treated me fairly and with kindness, and gave me good advice. They are family! Highly recommended to anyone who requires family court advice or representation. Thank you again.

— Raylene Lester

I had dealings with two other solicitors before I saw Keith Hunter. On meeting him I gained immediate trust in his desire to get me a just settlement to my problem. I would recommend Keith and his staff to anyone.

— Len S, Ashmore

I was referred to Hunter Solicitors by my Sydney solicitor to act for me in a claim against my Queensland employer. Keith Hunter helped me to solve the conflict with my employer in an affordable way. My case has gone very well, and as I write this testimonial Hunter Solicitors have had three wins for me in Court which has given me the right to commence an action against my employer, even though I was out of time. I am delighted to have had Keith and Hunter Solicitors take on my claim as they have been comforting and supportive of me all the way through the process. They have also been very understanding of my needs, particularly with my restricted knowledge of the English language.

— A.D, Sydney

I had a real problem finding a solicitor who would take on my case. I finally found one, but he couldn't keep doing it as it was too big a case for him. I then found Keith Hunter who was prepared to take on this difficult situation and take the fees out at the end. If it wasn't for Keith I would still be struggling even now after approximately 16 months. From the time I met Keith until the case was finalised, I have received professionalism, kindness, compassion and total communication throughout. In fact the whole team have been very friendly and approachable. The trust I have in Hunter Solicitors is such that I would not hesitate to highly recommend them to friends, associates and anyone needing a good solicitor. I will certainly be approaching them if and when the need arises. I truly cannot speak highly enough of the firm.

— C.P, Tweed Heads South

It is never easy, losing a parent. My father was an incredible man. Highly intelligent and deeply mathematical in his thinking, an extremely gifted pianist but more than that he was a very kind, happy and loving person and the best father a person could ask for. I was with him when he passed away and then I had the task of dealing with his estate which was not easy for me, especially at this difficult time. I approached Hunter Solicitors for assistance. Keith and Lauren, you made everything so much easier for me. You have been understanding, compassionate, approachable, available, helpful, kind and efficient from beginning to end. At every stage of the process I was communicated to. Every step of the process was handled in a highly professional manner and with sensitivity and care. I always felt confident that things would go smoothly and without problems. That is exactly what happened. Again, my sincerest thanks to Keith and Lauren. I would highly recommend Hunter Solicitors to anyone. They are absolutely outstanding in their delivery of the services they offer. Warmest regards and sincerest gratitude.

— Mandy Hollis

Keith, I couldn't let an opportunity pass by without thanking you and your remarkable staff, for the dedication and hard work put into my case. When I first came to your office I was fragile and under immense pressure, after the turmoil and prolonged domestic violence experienced by me and my treasured sons. As soon as I arrived at your office, the gracious Susan greeted me and I immediately felt at ease. There were countless occasions when I suffered complete hopelessness, which was compounded by a lack of support due to the untimely deaths of members of my original family. In my isolation I was unsure of how to face this traumatic situation alone. It was comforting to know Keith, that you and your staff were there to support me. On behalf of my sons I sincerely thank Hunter Solicitors for serving our family through the most dreadful year of our lives. I have seen the hard work and sheer gumption demonstrated by you and your staff, and of course, Brian Balzamo, barrister. So at this point, all I have to ask you Keith is, "do you have a pen? Ok, this is your homework which you need to write out one hundred times... Keith Hunter is the most professional and dedicated solicitor on the Gold Coast, not to mention an exceptionally compassionate and outstanding man."  PS, staff members, particularly Susan, Mel, Shaylee and the efficient and stylish Sharon, need to be afforded an epic pay rise. With deepest gratitude, Leisa C & family.

— Leisa C, Ashmore

Melanie, I am immensely grateful for all you have done for me over the past 6 years. Your support and guidance, both on a professional and personal level, has gone way beyond all of my expectations. I don't think I have acknowledged you for the work you do behind the scene, but I do appreciate that there is a lot more to it than just a few meetings and the correspondence that I get to see. Your professional approach to your work and your client is a credit to you, and the law firm you represent.

— G Norris

Melanie, thank you very much for bringing our case to a successful close and outcome. You have done everything you said you would do. Every step of the way you have kept us up to date and informed, and you have been accessible when needed. As you know I was very cautious and sceptical in the beginning of this process of venturing into the legal world, and wondering if I would end up financially out of pocket.

What you brought to the table for me was firstly, your excellent listening and comprehension skills, and quick understanding of this case. Secondly, we got the best legal advice from Keith Hunter and Kerry Boulton on the case. Collectively, your experience was vital.

I learned in a world full of scepticism that I had someone at my back, and you have brought back the trust and respect to me of you and Hunter Solicitors. Thank you for exceeding my expectations. Your firm has upheld the highest professionalism of legal work. Thank you, just doesn't seem enough.

— Christine & Fritz Sorensen

From my first meeting with Keith Hunter, I felt relaxed with his competent, professional and very friendly manner, and that he genuinely understood my needs. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Keith to anyone for help with any legal problems. 

— Larry B, Pacific Pines

Hunter Solicitors recently represented me in a Court action, and they achieved an excellent result for me. Whenever I had a problem or didn't understand anything to do with my case, Keith explained things so that I understood. I have already recommended Hunter Solicitors to a friend, and I would have no hesitation recommending them to anyone else in the future. 

— Tina

We have known Keith and Sharon Hunter and their family for almost five years now, on both a professional and personal basis. During this time they have undertaken a number of legal matters on our behalf, and we cannot stress enough how much we really appreciated their professional, personal and prompt attention to our needs. The time and effort their team dedicated to our small property damage case was overwhelming, and the attention to detail and personal touch which Sharon offered to us on another more complicated matter, made the entire process seem easy, yet left us feeling secure and valued. The commitment, honesty and loyalty of the Hunter family, which we have experienced on a personal level, evidently follows through to their professional lives, which is why we shall continue to employ them in the future. Our recommendation of Hunter Solicitors is held in the highest regard, and is simply due to the quality and excellence of their work and personal approach to the legal profession.

— C Schulz & S Barton

Having dealt with Keith Hunter and his staff for over 17 years, I've come to trust his precise handling and professionalism in all my legal matters. The kindness and understanding expressed in his posture and demeanor, was evident from the very first introduction. I have recommended Hunter Solicitors to all of my closest associates, both professional and personal, and their response has been the same.

— Graeme S

Keith, I would like to sincerely thank you for your kindness and compassion in dealing with my mother's estate. She very much respected your advice, as did my father, and I can see why. Your professional, methodical approach and attention to detail, along with your friendly engaging manner, is very impressive and it certainly earned my trust and respect.

— Don B

Hunter Solicitors recently conducted a Court appeal on my behalf, during a period when I was out of work for approximately one year. I know it was a difficult case, and I was very happy with the way Keith looked after and supported me during this very stressful time. The appeal result was excellent, bringing great relief to a very hard time in my life. I would be very happy to recommend Hunter Solicitors to my family and friends. In finishing, Hunter Solicitors have the expertise of a large law firm, yet still retain the very important aspect of very personal service ... we made an excellent team!!

— Rod T, Bundall

I first approached Keith Hunter because I felt I wasn’t getting the service from my first lawyer. After my first consultation with Keith he quickly realised that my matter had been commenced in the wrong jurisdiction, which meant I would have lost the right to make a claim because the limitation period was about to expire in 2 months after my meeting with Keith. He ensured that my matter was quickly recommenced in the correct jurisdiction, which preserved the limitation period so that I could then correctly proceed with my claim. I was very happy with the way Keith looked after my matter, which subsequently lead to a very satisfactory settlement. I will be coming back to Keith for any future assistance, and I would definitely recommend Hunter Solicitors to other people.

— Len C, North Tamborine

I engaged Hunter Solicitors in a matrimonial property settlement case. It was a very difficult case as my ex-wife was being unco-operative and difficult to deal with. At all times Keith was firm, and he sorted out my problem while achieving a good result for me. I appreciate that Hunter Solicitors were caring about my problem, particularly when I was stressed and had even lost a lot of weight because it. It was great to have Hunter Solicitors there for me, knowing that I was being looked after. I am happy to recommend all of my friends to Hunter Solicitors for help with any legal matter.


Keith Hunter came to see me to repair his trailer, and we got talking about a possible compensation claim. I then appointed Hunter Solicitors to act for me and right throughout my court case I felt they cared about me and that I was being looked after. They achieved a very good result and compensation in my case. I would be happy to recommend any of my friends to Keith and Melanie Dennis at Hunter Solicitors, as I know they care.


I chose Hunter Solicitors for legal representation hoping that their approach would be more personable than that of the bigger nationals, and that I would be seen as a customer rather than a pay cheque. During the two years that Melanie has been handling my claim, she has gone out of her way to provide sound advice and to keep the channels of communication wide open. I feel that I have acquired not only sound and knowledgeable solicitors, but also advocates. Melanie has battled ceaselessly to ensure that my requirements are met. She is my "paddle"in the murky creek of injury claims and I would not hesitate to recommend Hunter Solicitors to any one seeking legal guidance or representation. 

— P Wilson

I just want to say thank you so much Melanie for everything you have done for me over the last 4 years! It has been an awful time and having a wonderful advocate like you on my side, has really made it all so much easier. If I know anyone that needs legal representation in the future, I will be happy to pass on your firm. Wishing you a very merry Christmas and all the best in the new year!! Thanks again.

— Leah W

In the last 10 years I've had 2 claims which achieved great results through Keith and staff at Hunter Solicitors. My second case was very complex with a great result being achieved through the hard work and knowledge of Hunter Solicitors. I would happily recommend Keith and his staff for any legal matter because they treat you more like a friend than a client.

— Z.N.

Melanie, we thank you for your excellent work with our son's compensation claim. You listened when we cried and never made us feel as if we were "just little people"... you cared, and we appreciate that very much. We are very happy with the outcome of the claim and would have no hesitation to recommend you to anyone and everyone. With many thanks.

— Barbara & George Jones

"Melanie, I have often thought of you and your team since the issues we had with my negligence claim. I remember when I first came to you and how worried I was about the whole thing, not only worried, but confused, not with my problem but how to deal with it. But from the time Hunter Solicitors took me on as a no win - no fee case, I was on my way in a whole new direction and a lot more relaxed thanks to you Melanie.

When you first started giving me direction on what to do and how to do all the things that needed to be done, I realised that I was at last in the hands of someone who cared about me and my situation, and you proved that over and over in the months we worked together.

You taught me patience and what was required by the legal profession in the way of procedures. You always encouraged me to give my best to help you by giving accurate details of what had happened to me during the medical procedures and after medical procedures which gave you the ammunition you needed to win my case and force a very satisfactory settlement.

All the people that you used to support us with our case were to say at the least, fantastic... the barrister, doctors, etc.

I want to say a special thank you to the staff at Hunter Solicitors who were always so pleasant to me whether in person or on the phone, and last but far from least, Mel you were fantastic in every way and I consider myself lucky to have met you and even luckier to have had you handle my case.

Mel, because of the fantastic job you did with me and my case I will always recommend Hunter Solicitors. I may be wrong but I think you told me you had been with Hunter Solicitors for about fifteen years. If this is so, then they also have the same opinion about you as I do.

Melanie, I have waffled on a bit but I just felt you deserved to know how I and probably many other clients have felt about your efforts with a very difficult job.

All the best for the future."

— Peter Sherring