What We Offer

What We Offer

The need to seek legal advice can be a daunting and scary process, and the last thing a client wants is to feel that they are simply being treated like a number. We understand that being approachable and professional is very important, and so our method is to always look after each client individually and personally.

Quite simply, we dislike the 'conveyor belt' approach to legal services, which, unfortunately some of our clients have mentioned they have previously experienced from large, impersonal firms. At Hunter Solicitors your case will be handled by one professional from start to finish, guaranteeing the personal care and attention which you deserve during the complete legal process.

What we offer:

  • No win, no fee if your case meets the criteria for a successful claim.
  • A deferred payment arrangement in some family law matters.
  • Fixed price fees in some matters.
  • FREE initial telephone advice.

Minimise worry, maximise results:

Assisting our clients since 1975 means that we have a wealth of experience and knowledge on which to draw, to make sure the right result is achieved for you and your case.

Settling your matter as soon as possible by driving the opposition to mediation and settlement, is very important to us. Sometimes however, an opponent may dig their heels in and refuse to co-operate with the mediation process. If that should happen with your case and starting court proceedings is the only option, we have some of the best experts in the business working on your side:

  • Accomplished barristers.
  • Forensic accountants.
  • Specialist medical practitioners.
  • Safety engineers.
  • Contact us to discuss your claim:

By using our FREE initial telephone advice service, you have nothing to lose other than some of the worry that accompanies the thought of being involved in the legal process. We will discuss your matter with you and, providing you are able to give us sufficient facts about the case, we will be able to give you our opinion right then and there as to whether we think your case is worthwhile pursuing.